Graham Hodge

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Whether you feel joy and peace or Bah humbug towards Christmas, why not put on the fire, pour yourself a nice glass of your favourite tipple and sit right down and enjoy Christmas Horror Shorts by British horror writer Graham M Hodge.
Four chilling Christmas tales to entertain you on a cold winter’s night.

A young girl on the way home from church on Christmas Eve, spots Santa in the park, the image scares her to the extent she does not want Father Christmas to visit her this year; she is forced to take the matters into her own hands.

Christmas Day 1914 was a day of wonder for the troops on the front line in France, leaving the trenches to play football with the enemy, twelve months on, and George Walters is now being haunted by those he befriended that day.

Dylan and Luke are two lads who have nothing better to do on the dark cold night around Christmas than to roam the streets and cause trouble, a night of vandalism brings them a Christmas of horror and death.

A migraine forces a young couple to spend Christmas Eve at a motel in America, this however may be their last Christmas as strange events make them question their sanity, will they have to pay for their past sins?

This Christmas why not enjoy this festive collection of short stories full of horror and fear?

Tonight not even the bed covers can protect you.

Noah Collins is an ordinary seven-year-old boy with a history of sleepless nights, but tonight he will discover what keeps him awake at night is not imaginary. The cause of Noah’s night fears is hell itself.

As young children we have all had sleepless nights where we have hidden beneath our bedsheets for protection from the monsters of our imagination, for Noah, the night is a scary place.

Afraid to go to his parents for protection because he has been accused of “Crying Wolf” too many times, he has to stay in his bedroom alone and face the monsters that lurk in the dark recesses. Tonight Noah has to face the biggest fear of his life so far.

No child should have to face this evil alone. 

A Short Story by Graham M Hodge.