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London Underground Ghosts - Part Two.

The Bakerloo Line Photograph.

During the early 1980’s a photograph came to light which hit the news, the picture in question left paranormal investigators perplexed and photography experts only able to guess at what it could be.

Karen Collett had been showing her family the sights of London, something that millions of people do each year, as with so many people visiting London she was taking pictures of the sights and of her family, what she did not expect to find in one of her pictures was an image of a man who had been put to death in an electric chair in America in 1936.

Karen Collett thought she was taking an innocent picture of her family on an underground carriage, her nephew wanted her to take a picture of him in front of the brown framed windows of the carriage. Several months later while the family were looking at the pictures of the trip to London they noticed an eerie image in the background of the picture she had taken of her nephew on the Bakerloo Line.

The picture appeared to show a man sitting strapped onto an electric chair, the image appears to be at the moment of electrocution as there are sparks coming from the man’s hands.

Confused by the image and sure that the man in the chair was not visible when she took the picture the photograph was sent to Maurice Grosse of the Society for Psychical Research and famous for his investigation into the Enfield Poltergeist case. Grosse investigated the picture, it was strange as the image fitted perfectly into the framed window of the carriage but the underground did not block out their windows with posters.

Grosse’s investigation discovered that the man in photograph was in fact Bruno
Hauptman a German ex-convict who was executed in New Jersey State Prison on April 3rd 1936 for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr, Son of the Aviation hero Charles Lindbergh, the case became known as “the crime of the century”

Grosse continued to investigate the man in the picture and discovered that there was a waxwork model of Hauptman in the electric chair in Madame Tussauds, Karen Collett visited Madame Tussauds herself and took the photograph with her, and she was stunned when she discovered that the photograph she took on the tube was almost identical in every way to the waxwork of Hauptman. The buttons and the straps were identical as were the clothes he was wearing and the chair he was sitting in, the only difference was in the picture Karen took showed blue sparks coming out of the hands and fingers to show he was being electrocuted.

Experts have studied the negatives of Karen’s Picture and confirm that it has not been tampered with. Madame Tussauds have been unable to find any record of the waxwork of Hauptman ever being used in a poster or advertisement flyers.

Sometime later Karen accompanied a friend to visit a medium, her friends mother had passed away, Karen waited outside as her friend went in to see the medium, after a while her friend came out accompanied by the medium, the medium went over to Keren and said “I have a message for you.”

The medium continued “the man in your picture, I just want you to know that the man says I am accused of something I did not do, but I did something else.”

November 16th 2016