Graham Hodge

Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting.

As a horror writer my aim is to entertain you and to scare you, to make you think about the dark forces at play in the modern world.

I have always loved the horror genre, from a young age I would stay up late at night watch horror movies on the TV. As I got older Istarted to read horror novels by many by the best horror writers in the world like James Herbert, Dean Koontz and Stephen King to name a few. Thanks to e-books and the rapid growth in self-publishing authors, I was introduced to a whole new array of horror writers, Iain Rob Wright, Matt Shaw and many more.

I wanted to be able to write novels like that, to tell stories that would inflict fear in the person reading them.

I do not confess to be in the same league as those mentioned above, nor am I ever likely to be, but I hope those who read my books at least enjoy them.

I wish to thank everyone who has read one of my books, it really does mean a lot to me that people give me the time to entertain them.

Many Thanks


Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.

To be released soon, two books by horror author Graham M Hodge.

Dark Souls - A horror novel, Maxwell Ellis is a man who thought he had his life sorted, a wonderful girlfriend who he loved with all his heart, a job he loved and had a future at, friends who would die for him. What he never counted on was an accident that would change his life forever. Max has to encounter evil that he only thought existed in the movies.



Christmas Horror Shorts - A collection of Christmas horror short stories to scare the pants off you this Christmas.