Graham Hodge



Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting.

As a horror writer my aim is to entertain you and to scare you, to make you think about the dark forces at play in the modern world.

I have always loved the horror genre, from a young age I would stay up late at night watch horror movies on the TV. As I got older Istarted to read horror novels by many by the best horror writers in the world like James Herbert, Dean Koontz and Stephen King to name a few. Thanks to e-books and the rapid growth in self-publishing authors, I was introduced to a whole new array of horror writers, Iain Rob Wright, Matt Shaw and many more.

I wanted to be able to write novels like that, to tell stories that would inflict fear in the person reading them.

I do not claim to be in the same league as those mentioned above, nor am I ever likely to be, but I hope those who read my books at least enjoy them.

I wish to thank everyone who has read one of my books, it really does mean a lot to me that people give me the time to entertain them.

Many Thanks